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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this? 

    The Program Selector tool provides you with detailed information on programs and services within Addiction and Mental Health (AMH) in the Edmonton Zone offered by AHS, the Primary Care Networks (PCN’s), and Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health (CASA).

    This database is designed to help you match your client to the services they need, or in other words, finding the right service for your client at the right time.
    For those of you who are from AMH, this replaces the tool that was previously housed on our internal SharePoint site.

When do I use this?

    The Program Selector is designed to be used after you have assessed your client and scored them on the LOCUS or CALOCUS. You can use it when you have the recommended Level of Care and you are matching a client to a service. By using the search parameters, you will easily be able to find programs that meet the current needs of your client.


Why do I use this?

    There are many different programs offered by the PCN’s, CASA, and AMH throughout the Edmonton area. We recognize it can be difficult to keep track of all the program offerings. By using this tool, you can find programs that match the Level of Care needed by your client, without having to worry about remembering every program. It will also broaden your knowledge of available services.

How do I use the filters? 

    By clicking the 'Program Selector' tab at the top of this page, you will be able to search for programs by applying up to 5 filters. If you do not choose a filter, the search will include all the programs related to that filter. You choose a filter by clicking on it. You can deselect it by clicking on it a 2nd time. You do not have to select every filter.


1. Presenting Issue: The choices are either 'Addiction' or 'Mental Health' based on the main focus of the programs listed. All programs are considered concurrent capable. 'Addiction or Mental Health' will select all programs.

2.  Ages Served: This filter is particularly useful for finding CYF programs.

3. LOCUS/CALOCUS Level of Care: This is the recommended LOC LOCUS/CALOCUS score.

4. Type of Service: This refers to either lead or complementary services. Choose a LOCUS LOC before selecting a Type of Service or you may get limited results.

 5. Client Location: Present the client with all possible service locations while considering the following: 

  • Travel time

  • Public transit or personal vehicle

  • Parking cost and availability

  • Client ability to ambulate

  • Proximity to home/work/school

6. Operating Hours:

  • Helps find programs that operate on evenings and weekends (operating after 5pm on weekdays, or Saturday/Sunday).

  • Programs that run 24/7 are indicated as both Day and Evening/Weekend operating hours.

  • Programs that run until 5:30pm are indicated as both Day and Evening/Weekend operating hours.

    • While this may be annoying, they are rare and consistent functioning was prioritized.​

  • Remember, just because a program hours are listed until 5:30, does not mean they accept clients until 5:30.​


Make sure to reset filters between searches by pressing the 'reset search' button found at the top of the page in the blue box.

My program doesn't show up!

    Some possibilities include: our data doesn't match with what you are searching, make sure you press the 'reset search' button between searches, the program you are searching for is not included within the Program Selector.

If you need to contact us, please send us an email at

If you think your program information is wrong, you can click the 'contact us' button on the bottom left of the program page or submit edits HERE

My program is located in the wrong spot on the map!

    Check the address we have for the program is correct. If that is correct, contact us at or by using any of the 'Contact Us' buttons located throughout the site. Mapping is a relatively complex process so we can follow the program throughout the steps to ensure it is appropriately mapped.


How to update

    Have you noticed some program data is outdated? Let us know!

    At the bottom left of the program detail page (underneath the back to search results button) is a link to email us with program updates. We ask you use this method since it will auto-populate the exact program name.

    Alternatively we have a REDCap website setup where you can submit program information available HERE

How to add my program

    If your program is not included we will be very happy to add it!

    Please contact:

    Or Submit HERE

I have suggestions

    Excellent!! Feedback from users is the best way to keep improving. We would be happy to discuss your ideas!

    Please contact:

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