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Page Update History

25-June-2024: Lots of updates to CASA ADP and CASA House

8-May-2024: Updated LOCUS information for: Recovery Supports Day Program, Recovery Supports Employment, Education, Social & Recreational Supports, ARC, CASA House 

21-Feb-2024: Addiction Services Edmonton (ASE) is now Churchill Square Addiction and Mental Health

16-December-2023: Urgent Clinic and Outpatient Clinic at Stollery Level of Care added.

10-November-2023: Added Comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (cDBT)

11-October-2023: Level of Care added for School Based Services, Zebra, Mobile Addictions.

Summer 2023: Various tweaks, clarifications, updates to all programs

8-May-2023: Removed East Edmonton ACS

11-Apr-2023: Enhanced Services for Individuals and Families removed from PST

14-Mar-2023: CASA Programs Added! (CASA House, CASA Core mental Health, CASA Classrooms, CASA Trauma Program,

Adolescent Day Program)

3-Jan-2023: Updates to cancellation procedure for CYF Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, and Leduc

16-Nov-2022: A new button has been added to the search page! Provides a link to the SharePoint page of non-AHS resources.

10-Nov-2022: A new button has been added to the search page! This links to the AMH Edmonton Zone Resources SharePoint page. Since it is SharePoint it is only accessible to AHS staff.

04-Nov-2022: Multiple updates to CYF programs including changes to Intake Services phone number.

20-Oct-2022: Access 24/7 address changed from RAH to Fort Rd.

20-Oct-2022: ARCH, CCPCS, Metabolic Clinic added

18-Oct-2022: Enhanced Addiction Clinic and rTMS programs added.

14-Oct-2022: Two new filters added!! Organization (AHS, Covenant, PCN, Other) and Type (Ambulatory, Inpatient, Residential)

05-Oct-2022: Complex Medical Detox (RAH) added

04-Oct-2022: More PCN programs!

20-Sep-2022: PCN programs have been added!!

6-Sep-2022: Two Enhanced Addiction Services Programs added

18-August-2022: Clinical Psychology Services updated eligibility criteria, service mode, description, referral note.

10-August-2022: A new (CA)LOCUS category is added for programs that are not currently assigned a score. This provides an additional avenue to search programs for your clients, allowing a more comprehensive result.

8-August-2022: ODP changed location

10-Jul-2022: Youth Stabilization Program added

13-Jul-2022: Programs added: Mobile Addictions Team, Community Assertive Services

05-Jul-2022: Programs added: Trauma Treatment Service (Zebra Centre), CentrePoint - Young Offenders & Specialty Services, PChAD, School based services

22-Jun-2022: FACS updates: Description, Key Providers, Eligibility Criteria, and Referral Process

21-Jun-2022: ARC information updated to reflect move.

20-Jun-2022: Added programs: ASPIRE homes, AHE Unit 8-1A, AHE Unit 8-1B, AHE Unit 8-2B, Youth Community Support Program, Learning Development Clinic, Dropin Yeg

17-Jun-2022: Community Geriatric Psychiatry updated on multiple fields

17-Jun-2022: RAH Unit 35 and 36, Glenrose 301, 302, and 303 added

17-Jun-2022: Updated primary contact for ASE, Enhanced Services, and Henwood

16-Jun-2022: 8 New programs added. Urgent Clinic Stollery, Stollery Mental Health ED, Stollery PCLP team, Stollery MAAST, Outpatient Clinic Stollery, Glenrose Bridge the Gap, Glenrose Transitional Day Hospital, Glenrose Neuropsych/Specialized Clinic.

15-Jun-2022: Fixed issue with CYF Northgate Walk-in LOCUS that made it not appear in search results

13-Jun-2022: Emergency Mental Health Teams (UAH and RAH) added)

10-Jun-2022: Updated address information for multiple programs (increased mapping accuracy)

10-Jun-2022: HOST contact information updated

10-Jun-2022: Forensic Psychiatry Service (inpatient) added

9-Jun-2022: Adult Acute Services (Inpatient) added

9-Jun-2022: Facilities Assessment Consultation Team (FACT) added

9-Jun-2022: Updated address for 16 programs (added information)

7-Jun-2022: CYF Leduc Walkin added

7-Jun-2022: Hope and Wellness phone number change

7-Jun-2022: Personalized Care in the Community (PCC) added

7-Jun-2022: Adult Diversion program address and contact information updated

7-Jun-2022: Youth Diversion information overhaul.

3-Jun-2022: Young Adult Comprehensive Care Team (YA-CCT) program added

2-Jun-2022: Southside Seniors Day Hospital - updated accessibility

2-Jun-2022: OSI updates to Program Name, Eligibility, description, Key providers, referral reason, hours of operation, accessibility

2-Jun-2022: CORE update to referrral note

31-May-2022: Henwood Treatment location updated (to be findable regardless of search location)

30-May-2022: CYF Rutherford Walk-In. LOCUS data updated to properly appear in search results

30-May-2022: CYF - Fort Saskatchewan added


1) Youth Addiction & Forensic Mental Health Startingpoint program

2)Youth Addiction Services Edmonton – Outpatient Clinic

3)Youth Addiction Services Edmonton – Building Opportunities Skills and School (BOSS) Program

These programs are no longer on the program selector, completing the amalgamation with Youth Addiction Services Edmonton (YAS)

26-May-2022: Youth Residential Addiction Services now called Youth Recovery Program

26-May-2022: Children, Youth and Families Crisis Services is now Mental Health Crisis Team

26-May-2022:Updated Ages Served and/or Type of Service for 19 programs

25-May-2022: 'AHE Day Hospital' updated Ages Served and location (filled in missing information)

25-May-2022: 'Psychiatric Treatment Clinic' has been renamed 'ACS - Psychiatric  Treatment Clinic'

24-May-2022: Care, Outreach, Regulation, and Engagement (CORE) program added

11-May-2022: Various updates to referral notes (Hope & Wellness, ACS (108, Northgate, EEHC, NEHC, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan), PTC, ASE, UAH Clinical Psychology Services)

11-May-2022: Oliver PCN name updated to reflect change (renamed Edmonton O-day’min Primary Care Network)

13-Apr-2022: WestView PCN Mental Health Services ages served updated to adults only

23-Mar-2022: RAH Adult Mental Health Outpaitent Department: Updated: Name, contacts, eligibility criteria, and description

7-Mar-2022: ICT and DiverseCity removed from Program Selector due to amalgamation with ACT (see previous change on 4-Feb-2022).

7-Mar-2022: CYF Intake address, phone, and fax changed

28-Feb-2022: Top right menu updated. Pocket Guide to Accessing Community Supports added as a downloadable pdf.

11-Feb-2022: Added link to main search page to

11-Feb-2022: Updates to 9 programs for increased clarity and accuracy

10-Feb-2022: Access 24/7 will now be shown in results.

9-Feb-2022: Updates to 26 programs for increased accuracy and clarity.

8-Feb-2022: Additional formatting was added to longer fields (information for clients, service description, etc.). Additional formatting will help break up walls of text increasing readability. Ongoing efforts will optimize this throughout all programs.

8-Feb-2022: Changes to 9 more programs for increased accuracy and clarity.

7-Feb-2022: Changes to 13 programs for increased accuracy and clarity.

4-Feb-2022: ACS Beaumont - updated referral note.

4-Feb-2022: EEPIC - Updated Information for clients, Referral note, Eligibility Criteria, and description.

4-Feb-2022: Recovery Supports - Updated Eligibility, Service mode, description, referral note, Location, Hours of operations

4-Feb-2022: Recovery Supports Day Program -  Changes to information for clients, referral information,  and eligibility criteria.

4-Feb-2022: ACT details updated to reflect amalgamation with ICTT and DiverseCity

4-Feb-2022: ICTT and DiverseCity details removed due to amalgamation with ACT

4-Feb-2022: Occupational Stress Injury Clinic updates: Changes to eligibility criteria, referral reason, referral note, booking instructions, information for clients, and service mode.

3-Feb-2022: A series of changes were made to the following programs to ensure consistent language, accuracy and messaging.: St. Albert ACS, Morinville ACS, CYF Sherwood Park Community Clinic, CYF Northgate Walk In, Evansburg ACS, Redwater ACS, Clinical Psychology Services - College Plaza

1-Feb-2022: A REDCap companion has been setup to help improve clarity for requested changes. Links to the REDCap can be found on the FAQ, and the 'Submit New/Update' Tabs. You can view the new REDCap Page HERE

28-Jan-2022: CPS, College Plaza LOCUS change from Lead to Complementary (2,3)

27-Jan-2022: Changes to evening/weekend filter for increased clarity

18-Jan-2022: 108 ACS clinic contact information changed from Laura Locher to Denise Ledi

17-Jan-2022: Map edited to have larger green icons. Received feedback the icons were too hard to see. Future edits will explore changing map icons to be even more distinguishable from surrounding businesses/landmarks.

13-Jan-2022: New filter added! Allows you to filter for programs offered outside standard working hours (see FAQ for more details).

11-Jan-2022: Westview PCN Mental Health Services and Westview PCN Youth Mental Health Clinic various updates.

11-Jan-2022: CYF Rutherford edited for clarity.

10-Jan-2022: Update to 'Ages Served' for numerous 'young adult' programs that serve both under 18 and over 18.

10-Jan-2022: CYF Northgate and CYF Rutherford updates to 'Presenting Issue'

10-Jan-2022: StartingPoint program updated Presenting Issue (Addiction + Mental Health)

10-Jan-2022: ACS contact information changed to Marina Tayloo (Leduc, Sherwood Park,Fort Sask, Beaumont, Devon, Thorsby)

3-Dec-2021: Recovery Supports Day Program - Service description updated.

23-Nov-2021: Files listed under Recovery Supports were actually for the corresponding Day Program. Moved files to be linked to appropriate program.

23-Nov-2021: Recovery Supports Description, Eligibility, and  Location updated

23-Nov-2021: Recovery Supports Day Program Description and LOCUS updated

17-Nov-2021: Young Adult Services Social Recreation & Wellness Program (Formerly Challenge by Choice) had various changes throughout

8-Nov-2021: Access Open Minds Address and Hours updated.

3-Nov-2021: Minor tweaking to webpage names so address bar is more intuitive (largely behind the scenes benefit)

28-Oct-2021: Map is now live! The map will show you where the programs from your search results are located. Future work is going to be dedicated to making this even more useful!

21-Oct-2021: ACS Thorsby no longer appears in Program Selector as a result of staff reassignment due to Pandemic.

20-Oct-2021: Removed mention of 'Care Navigator' and replace with 'Program Selector'

17-Oct-2021: Replaced main page logo with tutorial video!

14-Oct-2021: AHE Unit 12-A Young Adults formatting to 'Eligibility Criteria', referral reason updated, service mode updated.

13-Oct-2021: Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic, UAH Outpatient Psychiatry Department description edited for clarity (adjusted punctuation)

05-Oct-2021: East ACS programs (Beaumont, Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, and Sherwood Park) contact information changed from Arlene Rose to Marina Tayloo

05-Oct-2021: ACT, ICT, and DiverseCity edited for consistency across programs. All programs now have identical search criteria: 

  • Presenting Issue: Addiction or Mental Health

  • Ages Served: 18+

  • LOCUS: 4 Lead

  • Client Location: Edmonton – Central/East/North/South/West

29-Sep-2021: FEATURE - At the bottom of the search results, there is now a 'contact us' option that will autopopulate with the search criteria. This can be used if you have a successful search that does not return a program you are expecting.

17-Sep-2021: COAST Information for Clients updated.

17-Sep-2021: RAH Complex Medical Detox various updates

14-Sep-2021: Henwood Treatment Centre, Henwood Residential Treatment Program length of program and fees updated

7-Sep-2021: 'Youth Addiction Services Edmonton' location changed (aswell as outpatient and BOSS).

1-Sep-2021: 'CYF Northgate Walk-In' program updated hours.

23-Aug-2021: 'Togetherall' location changed to be inclusive of all areas reflecting its online status.

12-Aug-2021: 'Challenge By Choice" name changed to Social Recreation & Wellness Program. As well as updates to program description, eligibility criteria, referral information, location, program description form added.

30-Jul-2021: "Pathways Day Program" renamed to "Recovery Supports Day Program"

20-Jul-2021: Soft Launch

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